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We offer a variety of services that include all the necessities to create a fun and caring visit for your pets. You can choose from a 20-minute, 30-minute or 45-minute visit or an overnight visit for pets who need some extra care. Perhaps you would like a service for just a walk! For more customization or any other necessary care, you can choose an Add-on to apply to any of our main services mentioned above.

Note: It is asked that when booking, you book a minimum 1-week in advance. Holidays require a minimum 2-weeks in advance (based upon availability). Keep in mind that a Meet-and-Greet is required before any requests may be accepted, so please factor that in when you book. Any request made less than the minimum and the service may be subject to a last-minute booking fee.

Standard Services:

  • Feeding and providing water to pet(s)

  • Giving medication (orally/injected for 1 pet)

  • 10-minute walk or letting outside in yard/playtime (duration varies based on service needs)

  • Cleaning up after pet(s) (additional charges may apply if excessive cleanup is needed)

  • Watering Plants

  • Bringing in newspapers/mail

  • Alternating lights and blinds/curtains

  • Securing home

  • Take trash out

Drop-in Visit

$22 / 20 minutes
$30 / 30 minutes

$39 / 45 minutes

This service is great for quick, or longer visits to check-in on your pet(s) while you're at work or away for an extended period of time.


Includes Standard Services (see above).

Dogs require 2 visits a day.

Please note that the walk time may be shorter with a shorter visit time, to allow other home securities/maintenance, and pet care duties to be carried out.


$100 / 10.5 hours

When pets can't be left alone at night. This service is available on a limited basis and must be booked 1-week in advance, minimum.


Includes Standard Services (see above), plus:​​

  • Late Afternoon (dinner) visit between 3:00 PM & 5:00 PM (30-minutes)

  • Sleepover from 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM (10-hours)


Start and end times may vary based on needs.

Pet Walkies

$18 / 20 minutes

Just your basic walking service to satisfy those "LET'S GO" type pets. This is also great if you work long days and need to ensure your pet gets their daily exercise


This is a walk ONLY and includes water refresh. Does NOT include any additional services. Pet Walkies will not be booked for any time after 5pm.


Add-ons & Additional Charges


only available as "add-ons" and not as a separate service alone.

Pet Taxi - Roundtrip

$40 / up to 10 miles

If you are unable to get your pet to and from their appointment, this is a great option for you!

Each additional mile over 10 miles is $1/mile. Additional $12/hour (1-hour minimum) to remain with pet(s) during their appointment.

Medication Administration

$5 / additional pet

If one four-legged friend isn't alone in their medical needs, no worries.


This will be added on to any booked service with multiple pets needing medication.

Oral administration only.

+ Visit/Walk Time

$15 / 10 minutes

Time is added in 10-minute increments at $10 each. May be charged if pet care takes longer than the included service duration (typically in households with multiple pets).

Pet Taxi - One-Way

$25 / up to 10 miles

Not able to get your pet to their appointment? No problem.

Each additional mile over 10 miles is $1/mile. Additional $12/hour (1-hour minimum) to remain with pet(s) during their appointment.


$15 / per pet

Nobody wants to come home to "stinky" family members. Consider this add-on to get your pet "squeaky-clean".

Baths are given in your own home, unless otherwise specified. May be subject to an additional charge.

Holiday Fee

25% / service

If you schedule a service to be completed on a major holiday, there will be a 25% surcharge for the booked service(s).

Does not apply to "add-ons".

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